What people are saying...

“I joined this group in 2012. I have made some good friends, and it has been great to talk to people who are experiencing similar symptoms and know first-hand what it is like to have PD. We have a lot of fun in our exercise and singing groups and encourage each other to attend. I have also gained so much information at the Parkinson’s Support Group and Women’s Support Group meetings.”
Beth Hatcher
Diagnosed 2010
“The CdA Parkinson’s Support Group provides me with great comfort and information. Comfort from other PWPs (People with Parkinson’s) who need no explanation for my oddities. Information that our doctors have not provided and ways to improve quality of life are often learned from those living with PD. The friendships that have been formed from this group are invaluable to me.”
Pat Gayman
Diagnosed 2016
“The Parkinson’s support group is a wonderful tool for those suffering from PD. It provides a social outlet for us to get out and talk to people with like issues and similar symptoms. It enables us to make new friendships and share ideas regarding medications and other techniques for making Parkinson’s easier to manage each day. Many of us meet regularly for exercise programs since that is known to slow the progression of this disease. It also provides a place for caregivers to meet and talk frankly about different issues they deal with daily. In some ways Parkinson’s has been a blessing because of all of the wonderful people I have met who are strong and work every day to maintain their health and be a friend to those of us in need.”
Terri Wisdom
Diagnosed 2017
“When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I lost all hope that I could ever be happy again. A good friend heard about this group and practically dragged me to a support group meeting. I have met some great people who showed me understanding and compassion. Talking to others who really understand what I am experiencing physically and emotionally is inspiring.”
Richard Yamaoka
Diagnosed 2017